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Last Updated: 4th March 2024

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An Innovative, Game-Changing Development


Guoco Midtown is a 950,600 sq ft mixed-use development that will be a game changer in multiple fronts. It will rejuvenate the Beach Road district, redefine public spaces and enhance street life, introduce a new experience of working in grade A offices and a new concept of urban living. Guoco Midtown is designed to be a place that will redefine the way of work, live and entertainment. It is a development that is built around the future lifestyle of people.

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The design of Guoco Midtown represents the best in contemporary thinking on place making to create great streets, great neighbourhoods and great community spaces. It captures diversity of use, scale and expression. It creates places of activity and vitality along with places of relaxation, recreation and quietude.

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Midtown Bay Developer

Midtown Bay is proudly developed by GuocoLand Limited, which has been listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1978 and is a leading property developer operating in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Vietnam. In 2017, by way of a strategic collaboration with Eco World, GuocoLand proclaimed its milestone expansion beyond Asia into the United Kingdom and Australia markets.

GuocoLand is a respected environmental friendly developer in Singapore and has won the Green Mark Awards for residences such as for example Goodwood Residence, Guoco Tower, Elliot at the East Coast, Sophia Residence, Leedon Residence, The Quartz, along with The Waterline.

Midtown Bay’s fair pricing is set to be appealing to aspiring investors, yet another valuable collection by Guocoland Limited.

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Midtown Bay is located at the heart of Bugis at Beach Road, and the city is truly at your door-step with it being connected with Bugis MRT Interchange. Midtown Bay will be right in the heart of Central Business District and the Marina Bay area is within just few minutes drive away. Midtown Bay is also situated right next to the upcoming North-South Corridor (NSC) which provides immediate connection to the other parts of Singapore.

For those at Midtown Bay, the privilege and indulgence of getting more than 20 different plazas and gardens over 400,000 sqft of landscape & public spaces. Ride on the Ophir-Rochor transformation into Singapore’s New Midtown.

Explore Midtown Bay: Nature In The City and Explore the exceptional connectivity of Midtown Bay’s location.

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Downtown Bay and Guoco’s Urban Center serve as a testament to the evolution and rebirth of urban landscapes, exemplifying a modern fusion of work, living, and leisure. These notable developments redefine the essence of a city center, forging vibrant, integrated spaces that cater to diverse lifestyles while creating a model for contemporary urban living.

Midtown Renewal: A Tale of Transformation
Midtown areas in key cities like New York and Tokyo have witnessed change, infusing life into formerly older neighborhoods. These spots burgeoned into vibrant city centers featuring trendy residences, top-notch corporate offices, luxurious retail, and a wide array of dining and entertainment options. Chen Si Yuan’s documentations of Times Square in Manhattan, New York, exemplify the vibrant transformation these districts underwent.

Guoco Midtown: Pioneering Urban Evolution
Enter Guoco Midtown, a game-changing mixed-use development heralding a renaissance in the Beach Road district. Reflecting the success of Guoco Tower’s revitalization of Tanjong Pagar, GuocoLand envisioned and carefully curated Guoco Midtown as an unparalleled amalgamation of internationally acclaimed design, community needs, and pioneering lifestyle concepts.

The Vision Unveiled: Redefining Urban Living
Artist impressions depict the essence of Guoco Midtown: Midtown Square, a hub blending nature and community; Midtown Hub, a revolutionary urban and social business club; the Market Place, a lively social heart with bazaars and alfresco dining; and Midtown Bay, an exclusive collection of luxury city homes.

Architectural Marvels Redefined
Denton Corker Marshall, acclaimed for its global architectural prowess, designs Guoco Midtown. Their innovative approach features ten distinct buildings, encompassing public squares, sky parks, and terraces, stretching across over 170,000 sq ft of landscape and public spaces.

Crafting Community and Place
The design ethos prioritizes community engagement and a sense of place. Seawater Street, bordered with plazas, promotes social interaction and hosts large-scale events. Adrian FitzGerald emphasizes the importance of instilling a strong sense of community, making Guoco Midtown a vibrant social heart.

Midtown Bay: A New Urban Lifestyle
Midtown Bay, the residential jewel of Guoco Midtown, epitomizes a new era of urban living. Residents experience the city’s buzz while reveling in privacy and exclusivity. The residences’ flexible design allows seamless transitions between living, working, and entertaining.

Midtown Hub: A Nexus of Innovation
Exclusive membership to Midtown Hub elevates residents’ social and professional networks. It’s a space full of creative energy, offering facilities for private events, collaborative work, and lush recreational zones.

Peter Tay’s Touch: A Blend of Elegance
Peter Tay Studio, acclaimed for timeless design, fashions Midtown Bay’s interiors with refined elegance. Tay’s minimalist approach creates versatile spaces that seamlessly adapt to various lifestyles.

Beach Road’s Renaissance: A Dynamic Epicenter
Guoco Midtown’s strategic location at the crossroads of key development corridors, linked through pedestrian networks, positions it as a top-notch business and lifestyle destination. It promises seamless access to diverse F&B, retail, and entertainment options within the thriving urban landscape.

In essence, Midtown Bay and Guoco Midtown herald a new era in urban development, seamlessly integrating work, dwelling, and leisure to create a dynamic, dynamic, and inclusive community-centric environment in the heart of the city.

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The first of two luxury residences in the Guoco Midtown, Midtown Bay is an exclusive collection of 219 luxury homes. Residents will enjoy the flexibility of living, working and entertaining at home, as well as networking, innovating, shopping and dining at Guoco Midtown. Midtown Bay Homes are ideal for entrepreneurs and visionaries seeking a business home for their vibrant urban lifestyle.

Midtown Bay is conveniently located at Beach Road, right above Bugis MRT Interchange, providing seamless connectivity with the Downtown & East West MRT Lines. Those driving will appreciate how the North South Corridor (NSC) is right next to it and takes you to other parts of Singapore within just minutes. The privilege of experiencing staying in the CBD are where Work, live and play at Guoco Midtown is daily indulgence.

Future Midtown Bay Condo residents will enjoy more than 20 different plazas and gardens over 400,000 sqft of landscape & public spaces. Midtown Hub is a first-of-its-kind purpose-built hub that brings together the best of business and leisure. All residents will enjoy exclusive membership to Midtown Hub, where they can network, socialize and connect with a like-minded community of innovative thought leaders.

You may view the Midtown Bay 3D Virtual Tour as well as download Floor Plan & E-Brochure.

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* With Bugis MRT Interchange; Retail Malls; F&B outlets & Fitness and wellness!
* leasing to MNCs, Tech companies, Pharmaceutical companies
* 80,000 sqft Network Hub, that includes lounges, soundproof office pods, fully fitted hybrid meeting rooms, and conference facilities

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